Xfce - desktop environment

Xfce is a desktop environment for Linux and various Unix derivatives. It has proven to be an excellent alternative to the other desktop solutions, because of its outstanding usability and performance.

Xfce - the alternative

In contrast to the more commonly known desktop environments Gnome and KDE, Xfce focuses on a small memory footprint and high performance. It starts up fast and offers a simple and thereby productive way of handling your desktop.

At the same time Xfce provides an appealing interface that can easily be customized to the user's needs concerning functionality and appearance.

Xfce was the first free desktop environment and was originally developed to be an alternative to CDE. Due to the long era of usage and development, Xfce has grown into a very mature piece of software.

Xfce for companies

Companies willing to use Xfce as their desktop environment can benefit from these advantages:

  • High usability and speed of Xfce enable productive work.
  • Xfce has a modular architecture and can easily be customized for certain tasks. A desktop environment customized to the needs of companies or departments will improve and speed up the workflow.
  • Xfce provides a Kiosk-mode and is thereby suitable for public workplaces with limited functionality, for example at authorities, libraries or public terminals.

Further information

Find further information on the Xfce homepage

:: Xfce homepage

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